Amit Basu

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Amit’s career over the last 3 decades has spanned application development, product management, complex/big data, and business/technology strategy. He has worked in senior roles for many startups, all successfully sold – some for over 7x revenue and 30x EBITDA, as well as with large companies such as Accenture, PNC and SunGard (now FIS). More recently Amit has focused on advisory around putting startups on a rapid growth path, and stabilizing and improving more mature companies, to help investors and boards with upcoming liquidity events. This led to the creation of Cognativ.

Amit's prior positions include CIO at SPS; CTO for InStream Wealth; EVP, Technology and Professional Services at SciVantage; CTO for Humantelligence, CIO at Procurian; CIO & EVP of InvestorForce; Managing Director of Professional and Data Services at Albridge Solutions. He has significant international experience and spent many years in Europe and Asia doing consulting work for international banking clients and has visited 58 countries. Amit started his career in London UK as a software developer in the City after studying Engineering at University College London.