Murali Vishnuvajhala

Chief Technology Officer

Murali is a passionate executive with over 20 years of business, operations and technology experience and a champion of leading by example. Over the years Murali has delivered measurable top-line and bottom-line results with effective and innovative use of technology across many organizations – both with startups and at some very large corporations. He has the ability to communicate and translate concepts between business, operations and technology groups, and to quickly execute on product and services ideas to drive innovation and transformation.

Prior to joining Cognativ, Murali was the Global Head of Customer Experience and Business Engagement at Nissan Motor Corp improving customer experience across 149 markets, and before that he was Senior Information Officer at AIG leading digital transformation globally. He has also held senior roles in the area of big data, analytics and products to drive new revenue with Benchmark Solutions (a startup acquired by Bloomberg L.P), Albridge Solutions (an ultrahigh-growth FinTech startup acquired by Bank of New York), as well as various technical roles at Credit Suisse, and Commerzbank NY. Murali started his career as a database Programmer for a retail outlet in Bahrain after obtaining a Masters in Computer Management from Symbiosis Pune, India.