Diego Lafuente

Head of Engineering

Diego Lafuente

Diego is an experienced manager with over 23 years of expertise in business, design, and technology, currently leading the Engineering team at Cognativ. With a diverse background spanning two decades, Diego has consistently showcased his proficiency in engineering, product management, and user experience, contributing to a variety of successful digital products.

He excels in bringing ideas to fruition by assembling and leading teams effectively. Mentoring engineering is one of his many passions.

Before joining Cognativ, Diego made notable contributions to esteemed organizations such as Inditex, Decathlon, Rakuten, and Cap Gemini. His involvement in impactful projects like Fotolog.com and the globally recognized app by Apple, Notegraphy, underscores his ability to drive meaningful change.

Diego's career reflects his entrepreneurial drive, evident in his role as a mentor for Google's Launchpad, his contributions to W3C, and his creation of multiple UI frameworks for web and mobile platforms like iPhone and Android, reaching millions of users worldwide.

Diego embarked on his career as a digital product engineer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, working for an international dot-com music and entertainment portal.

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