Why Us



    Our leadership is made up of individuals who have vast experience in innovation, product execution, data and operations. We’ve made mistakes and learned important lessons so that you don’t have to.



    We aspire to be your trusted partner that helps improve the capabilities, products, and services you offer. With our expertise and dedication, we aim to drive your success and foster long-term growth.



    We are focused on maximizing value and driving scale for our partners, going beyond mere transactions. Our commitment extends to building lasting relationships and delivering sustainable results that transcend immediate gains.


    Growth Mindset

    We are rapidly growing, eager, smart, and focused. We're constantly looking to expand our services in order to meet the evolving needs of our partners and stay at the forefront of industry trends.


    Award-Winning & Certified

    Our India operations received the Business Excellence award from Business Connect Magazine for Fastest growing IT services company in 2022.



    We are a globally recognized organization, known for our expansive reach and international presence. Our global footprint reflects our commitment to serving clients across borders and cultures, going beyond geographical boundaries.

Meet our Leaders

Cognativ’s leadership have decades of experience in the technology industry,
spanning across various domains such as software development,
data analytics, cybersecurity, and technology strategy.

  • Amit Basu
    Amit Basu

    Founder & CEO

  • Murali Vishnuvajhala
    Murali Vishnuvajhala


  • Christina Palendrano
    Christina Palendrano

    Managing Director, Client Delivery and Operations

  • Fraaz Ahmed
    Fraaz Ahmed

    Managing Director, Strategy

  • Casey Bartlomiejus
    Casey Bartlomiejus

    Director, Data & Analytics Strategy

  • Tony Ruggeri
    Tony Ruggeri

    Director, Business & Technology Strategy

  • Jay Girvan
    Jay Girvan

    Director, Strategic Partnerships

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